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Lasting Expressions: Scrapbook Titles And Phrases

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Handy new Ebook pumps over 5,000 fun expressions into scrapbook pages.

* Over 5,000 expressions, including titles, words, phrases, captions, quotes and idea’s.
* Over 100 Interactive Categories and Sub-Categories that allow you to “flip to and from” the desired page that you are looking for saving you valuable time and effort.
* 123 pages full of information.
* Your choice between a “Fully Printable” Ebook (print out and place in a binder), or a less expensive “Not-Printable” Ebook (the print feature has been disabled, therefore allowing you to ONLY view the Ebook on your computer’s monitor), or a “Printed Paper” Book that we print and bind for you (a “Not-Printable” Ebook download is included)
* The Ebook File is downloaded instantly upon purchase to your computer.
* A free preview trial download is available

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Little Kid Crafts For All Seasons

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Stop trying to craft with your little kid the hard way…

“Here’s How You Can Quickly and Easily Get Simple High Quality Little Kid Crafts Guaranteed To Ignite Your Child’s Imagination and Thirst for Learning Without Pulling Your Hair Out!”

If you had the most fun, age-appropriate, engaging crafts at your fingertips you could have hours of quality time with any toddler or preschooler. You wouldn’t have to assemble everything for the child or work your tail off to keep them engaged. You could turn each craft project into a learning or skill-building activity. You could be reminded what a blessing children are instead of wishing you could find a rock to crawl under.

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How To Easily Sew Roman Shades

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A step-by-step illustrated guide that teaches you how to make your own Roman Shades (and possibly save $thousands by doing it yourself!).

# A step-by-step system to making custom, professional window shades — exactly what you need to do to make the shades you want. HINT: Sewing window shades is MORE than just sewing fabric. That’s only the beginning! Learn all the tactics, or experience countless frustrations!

# The one REAL secret behind making a clean roman shade that no one tells you. HINT: It is NOT about sewing the shade itself.

# How to quickly and easily prepare your fabric so that sewing is a breeze. You’ll access answers to all of your sewing questions to create professional quality shades.

# How to design a window shade that you want for your window. Imagine, hanging a window shade in your home that is 100% your design.

# 5 exciting ways to hang your window shade. You’ve probably only seen window shades hung one way… well now here’s four more easy ways to add design flare to your shade.

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Charleston Garden Afghan


Afghan Crochet Pattern

Materials Required: AMERICAN THREAD COMPANY “DAWN” KNITTING WORSTED 13 ozs. Shaded Pinks or any other flower shade desired. 13 ozs. Golf Green. 38 O7.s. Baby Blue. 26 ozs. Black. 3 ozs. Pink. Plastic crochet hook No, 5 or G. Each motif measures about 7-1/2 inches. 70 motifs 7 x 10 are required for Afghan.

With Shaded Pinks, ch 4, join to form a ring, ch 3, 3 d c in ring, sI loop off hook, insert in 3rd st of ch 3 and pull loop through, * ch 3, 4 d c in ring, sI loop off hook, insert in first d c and pull loop through (popcorn st), repeat from * twice, ch 3, join in first popcorn st. 2nd Row. In next loop, work 1 s c, 4 d c, 1 s c, repeat from beginning 3 times.

3rd Row. Ch 4, working in back of petals over the 1st row, s c in lower center edge of petal, ch 4, s c between the petals, repeat from the beginning all around (8 loops).

Cucumber & Corn Panhandlers

Kitchen Decor

Pan Handler Crochet Patterns


Materials: DMC Pearl Cotton, Art. 116D, size 8: 2 balls Yellow Ombre No. 90 or No. 108 (A) and DMC Pearl Cotton, Size 5: 1 ball Green No. 909 or No. 911 (B). Suitable padding for lining. Steel crochet hook size 7.
Gauge: 10 sts = 1 inch; * = STAR.

With A ch 68.

Row 1 (right side)-1 sc in 2nd ch from * hook, 1 sc in next ch, 1 hdc in next ch, 1 dc in next ch, 5 dc in next ch, drop loop from hok, insert hook in first dc of 5 dc just made and draw dropped loop thru tightly (Popcorn made), 1 dc in next ch; rpt from STAR 29 times, 1 hdc in next ch, 1 sc in each of 2 chs (30 Popeorns).

Row 2-Ch 1, turn, 1 sc in each st across (67 sc).

Row 3-Ch 1, turn, 1 sc in each of first 2 sc, 1 hdc in next sc, 1 dc in next sc, * a Popcorn in next sc, 1 dc in next sc; rpt from STAR 29 times, 1 hdc in next sc, 1 sc in each of 2 sc.

Row 4-Rpt row 2.